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Passion Index

The Passion Index project is about developing a simple tool which helps teachers know their students, and guides them to a deeper understanding of what motivates and inspires each student.  It changes the paradigm from one of success and failure to one where growth and motivation are celebrated. 

Our goal is to address disengagement amongst struggling students and underperformance from our top students.  Passion supports and guides learning; and it is also sought by employers who are looking for creativity and inspiration.

This is a visionary project, linking our core ideas of joy and data.  At the end of 2016 we will have a Passion Index toolkit which can be used by schools across Australia to harness and unleash what inspires and motivates our students. 

We are working with Education Changemakers to recruit 20 inspirational teachers to work with us through a series of workshops and in-school pilots to develop the Passion Index.