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Newsletter August 2015: Using data for understanding and joy

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The recent release of NAPLAN results shows a worrying trend for Australia, with little change in student achievement since 2008. Other nations are passing us by.
The University of Melbourne’s Professor Patrick Griffin is quoted in The Age’s article about NAPLAN results, arguing that teachers need information to help them target teaching, as this is how schools will see real learning improvements.
Our first case study on the ALL website showcases how targeted teaching can support every student in their learning.
In this case study, Teach to One shows how North American schools are diagnosing and assessing students’ understanding of maths.
The data gained from these diagnoses is then used to inform teaching, enabling teachers to tailor a program which ensures each student gains a deep understanding of the topic at hand.
Joy is gained through student achievement, while data guides and informs a program designed for rich understanding.
Read more about how Teach to One improves fundamental maths skills.