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Newsletter May 2015: Positive start for Australian Learning Lecture

Michael Barber joy and data

Last Thursday, 21 May marked the launch and inaugural lecture on joy and data for the Australian Learning Lecture (ALL) initiative.

Introduced by Dame Quentin Bryce, ALL founder Ellen Koshland said her ambition in creating the lecture series was (and is) to bring big ideas in education and learning to national attention and discussion. And to contribute to a stronger learning culture for all Australians – the lecture was the first step in that journey.

Ms Koshland said: “It is great to have Sir Michael Barber here tonight to deliver the inaugural lecture on these two big ideas, joy and data. It is also a great gift to have Dame Quentin Bryce by her presence and her encouragement endorsing the value of ALL for our national story,” she said. 

“Tonight is the beginning. We hope you enjoy the joy and data lecture and join us on our journey.”

She urged those who attended the lecture to stay in touch through the website, this newsletter, and via Twitter or Facebook.

Look out for the next newsletter or key an eye out on the website for upcoming events and activities.