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Peter Hutton
20 March 2017
Peter Hutton as Principal of Templestowe College has been a long time challenger of the hidden grip of status quo by showing school does not have to be what we are told it has to be.
Eric Sidoti by Manning Clark House
20 March 2017
According to Eric Sidoti, when it comes to schooling the wheel is turning. He told the Beautiful Failures forum that it is tempting to think that when it comes to schooling we have simply lost the plot.
 access to information
16 July 2015
The Head of the Dept of Education for Kwazulu-Natal talks about how access to information can transform learning.
Sir Michael Barber delivering the Australian Learning Lecture
2 June 2015
The inaugural ALL lecture was delivered by renowned British educationalist, Sir Michael Barber.
Dianne Jackson
22 June 2015
ARACY CEO Dr Dianne Jackson on how data informs a learning culture, and why learning is essential to alleviating poverty.
Larry Kamener
2 June 2015
Management consultant Larry Kamener on the enormous potential for data to improve the school learning experience.
Country learners
2 May 2015
Rural youth ambassadors talk about the issues in learning and education that matter to them most.
Patrick Griffin
30 June 2015
Prof. Patrick Griffin discusses the skills today's school students need to learn to equip them for the information- and knowledge-based economy of the future.
 Children learning
30 June 2015
Students at an Australian kindergarten program talk about their learning journey.