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From ALL: the interests of our children

Charles Fadel gave us big ideas to think about, and much to act upon if we want to serve the interests of our children going into the future.

We will be taking forward several initiatives to maximize the learnings from the ALL Lecture.

In further talks with Government we will assist in re-setting the agenda for schools so that they can place skills like collaborative problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, and communication at the centre of their activities. 

At the same time, it will be important to remove barriers which hamper the schools’ best intentions in this area.  Working toward a modified tertiary entry  is important as the current emphasis on ATAR marks cuts against the capacity of schools to focus on skills not scores. We have been encouraged that many individuals and institutions have expressed an interest in working with us on this important reform.

We will be providing a shortened form of the lecture to parents’ groups, politicians, business and media to promote the broadest possible understanding of The New Success.  To amplify Charles Fadel’s case for change, ALL will make available animations and case studies to show what The New Success looks like in practical terms.

There is much to undertake but it has been a privilege to have Charles Fadel here to spearhead and encourage the important work ahead.