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ALL makes a submission to the review of the Melbourne Declaration

The Australian Learning Lecture made a submission to the 2019 review of the Melbourne Declaration.  The declaration guides the design and delivery of education and sets the foundation for the development of school curricula and assessment.

The Melbourne Declaration had impact by providing a fine aspirational statement which everyone could refer to. But it showed that aspiration is not enough and there must be accountable actions and objectives attached.

The guiding message of the new declaration ought to emphasise that the safest option we have for our young people is to educate them to learn, unlearn and relearn in our fast-changing world, and that we need forces in and beyond school to assist, not hamper, the many opportunities.

We have to have a national discussion about what we mean by ‘excellence.’ Being excellent ought not to be confined to measuring numeracy and literacy. There are now additional skills and capabilities that are accepted internationally as the foundations of education for every child.

Read the Australian Learning Lecture submission PDF icon here.