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ALL's submission to the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools

ALL believes that new approaches are needed for education in Australia as we are reaching a crisis point.  However, there are also many new developments that could lead to a higher more equitable achievement level than ever before.

ALL is committed to creating a national culture of learning, so that all Australians are confident, committed and capable learners.

In our view, educational success is driven by evidence-based research to:

  • build deep learning around each child’s interests and passions;
  • focus on problem solving, social skills, critical thinking, creativity character,
  • ensure growth at every level, (through diagnostic tools) allowing top students to zoom while assisting all students in areas where they are struggling.
  • achieve broader measures of success

Australia’s narrow measures of student worth and achievement are constantly undermining the purpose of schooling. Australia should move to measuring students against skills, knowledge and character where the emphasis is on skills and scores, not merely scores. Skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking are already within the Australian curriculum but are not being implemented at scale or in sufficient depth.

The most important data to understand learners is diagnostic data because it helps teachers identify a student’s point of need and, if used well and alongside other data, enables teachers to deliver personalised learning in the classroom and facilitate improved learning outcomes, and engagement for all. Classroom diagnostic data also provides feedback on a regular basis. Our own research identifies that when schools adopt data to inform teaching, learning and wellbeing practice, enormous academic and social benefits follow.

ALL concurs to using funding to "invest in cost-effective, evidence-based policies and practices.” 

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Andy Drewitt