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Australians yearn to learn

It was heartening to find out the community has a great desire to learn as we launch our new program.

A few weeks ago ALL commissioned a national Newspoll survey about Australians’ learning habits. What was apparent from the results was an overwhelming support for the ‘value of learning’, for both the benefit of society as a whole (84 per cent) and for the individual (90 per cent).

At first it may seem obvious that people have an interest in or value learning, but it is this specific desire in the community that we think is unmet. In marketing terms, we have found our gap in the market.

The Australian Learning Lecture is a direct response to the lack of a meaningful debate around education in this country. ALL is a biennial lecture series bringing big ideas in education to national attention. The first free lecture is on Thursday, 21 May 2015 and future programs will run for the next decade.

Some other findings from the learning study include:

  • Half of respondents suggest they learn something every day.
  • Respondents want to learn more (25 per cent).
  • Respondents cited ‘keeping their mind active’ (43 per cent) and ‘to enjoy life’ (19 per cent) as the key reasons they valued learning with furthering their career (11 per cent) and increasing income (7 per cent) coming in as lower priorities.
  • When asked how learning can be improved in Australia, 25 per cent said education needs to be ‘made relevant’.
  • 58% said they learned a new skill in the last 12 months by using the internet.