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Joy and Data publication now available

As you will recall, the ten-year Australian Learning Lecture (ALL) series began with the theme of Joy and Data delivered by Sir Michael Barber, the distinguished UK thought leader.

The inaugural lecture looked at the rarely explored intersection between the joy of learning and the way in which we use data to measure, value and enable success. Linking Joy and data is a bold idea as they are normally seen as opposites. However, as Sir Michael argued in his lecture, if instead of judgement, data can be used to help us understand where the problems are and inform the way we address them, it can serve an invaluable positive role.  

We are excited to have recently published Joy and Data: creating success for every student, a compilation of Sir Michael’s lecture and six exemplar case studies. The case studies showcase some of the diverse ways that schools and teachers are using data to ensure each student is successful, confident and ready for the future.

The publication takes us from the current discussion of data in Australia which centres on annual standardised exams to considering new ways of measuring success. It is one of our contributions to inspiring new ways of thinking about learning.

Central to the publication is the start of a new discussion: if data is the answer for education, what is the question? We would love to hear your thoughts about the question.

We encourage you to download Joy and Data: creating success for every student. If you would like a copy, contact us at info@all-learning.org.au

Image credit: 

Andy Drewitt