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Looking ahead for 2019

2019 promises to be a big year for Australian education and Australian Learning Lecture.  

In the next few months several major reviews are to be launched including the Australian Qualities Framework and the NSW School Curriculum. Work is now underway to review the Melbourne Declaration on Education Goals for Young Australians. At the same time, many conferences and summits have been, or are about to be, held putting education front and centre.

The ALL team is taking a keen interest in the growing debate about the need to reshape education in Australia, and our views have been sought by different players including the recent Sydney Morning Herald’s Schools Summit. Ellen Koshland spoke on a panel addressing Creating the curriculum to tackle society’s needs for the next 50 Years — Is it still easier to move a cemetery than to change the curriculum? alongside Mark Scott AO, Secretary, NSW Department of Education and Dr Jennifer Buckingham, Senior Research Fellow, The Centre for Independent Studies. Conversations emerging from the summit highlight the extraordinary amount of work and commitment to incorporating capabilities into curriculum around Australia, among other exciting and essential changes. We look forward to speaking on Rethinking Success in Schools at the forthcoming CSSA forum, Engaging with Curriculum Change in May.

These conversations are helping us to progress Reforming Transitions, our radical proposal to change the experience of young Australians transitioning from secondary school to work or further study to afford them the best chances to thrive in adult life. We look forward to sharing the finalised paper.

Reforming Transitions, together with the ALL Passion Index trial, is based on our belief – that there is an urgency in the need to change knowledge, know-how, attitudes, values and beliefs instilled in young people during their time at school. As the latest Mission Australia Youth Survey highlights, over 28,000 15- 19-year-olds showed that their top three personal concerns are coping with stress, school or study problems, and mental health. They are worried about equity and discrimination issues, a lack of skills and experience, and lack of jobs as barriers to finding work. 

Looking ahead, the 2020 ALL Lecture will be on the topic of Future Schools. Stay tuned for news not just about the speaker but the exciting impact program we are shaping.

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Andy Drewitt