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Putting passion into action

Kingswood College, a school that has been enthusiastically participating in the in-school trial of the Australian Learning Lecture’s Passion Index, has passionate plans for their Year 7 students as they step up to have a taste of being Year 8 students during the school’s 13-day Headstart program.

Having successfully implemented ALL’s Passion Profiles throughout the school year to understand their students’ passions and strengths, teachers have designed a selection of ten innovative challenge projects that allow students to tackle Passion-Led, Project-Based Learning with a focus on making a difference in their school and local community during Headstart.

Covering passions including animals, food and culture, performing arts, creative design, sport, science and technology; students will have the opportunity to use their passions to solve authentic problems and tackle real challenges on 6 December at the Headstart Expo.

Teachers are using this experience to help students develop critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication skills and to demonstrate that they can apply all they have learned throughout Year 7 to important, real-world issues that matter to the students, the school and the local community.