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The Future School Masterclass


After careful consideration and discussions with the Victorian government in relation to the rapidly changing coronavirus (COVID-19), we have decided to close the Library to the public.

We are cancelling all Library programs and events for at least four weeks from 16 March until 15 April 2020.

This means the Future School Masterclass will not go ahead.

This decision was not taken lightly. It is a preventative measure to support the health and wellbeing of our staff, volunteers, tenants and visitors, as well as the broader community.

While we regret closing the Library, with more than 7000 visitors a day, it is the right thing to do. We hope this action will help stem the spread of COVID-19 in the community and that our doors will be open again soon.

We will keep you informed of our plans to reopen or any other changes that may arise.

For up-to-date health information go to the COVID-19 information hub established by the Department of Health and Human Services.

During these extraordinary circumstances, it’s important we are flexible and that we work together to ensure the best outcome for our community.


We appreciate your understanding during this challenging time.


In our transforming world, how will schools respond to the new challenges?

Join exceptional, dynamic and inspiring educational innovators from international exemplar schools and take a deep dive into the ‘how to’ of future-focused school transformation, at the Future School Masterclass.

About the Masterclass

The Future School Masterclass is a new initiative of the Australian Learning Lecture (ALL).  It will immediately follow ALL’s 2020 biennial lecture, The Future School, to be delivered on Thursday 19 March 2020 by Valerie Hannon, internationally recognised education expert and global thought leader.  Valerie will identify the principles that are critical to the development of a ‘future school’ and these principles will be reflected in the Masterclass program.

Masterclass presenters

Kiran Bir Sethi, Director, Riverside School, Ahmedabad India

Kiran founded The Riverside School in Ahmedabad, India in 2001. Designed as a Laboratory to enable "transformative" student learning experiences, Riverside has designed, implemented and is sharing a user-centred curriculum that provides schools with an alternative model that focuses on quality of learning AND student well-being. Under the leadership of Kiran, the school has regularly been honoured worldwide for its academic achievement as well as its unique philosophy of 'Doing Good AND Doing Well'.

Rachel Skiffer, Khan Lab School, California USA

Rachel Skiffer is Head of School at Khan Lab School in the USA.  KLS is a non-profit, independent, co-ed school for ages 5 - 18+ founded in 2014 by Salman “Sal” Khan, founder of Khan Academy and author of The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined.    KLS is a model for innovation in education: academic progress is decoupled from age with every student expected to demonstrate mastery before moving on. Learning time is variable, but the depth of mastery is constant.

John Bosselman, Latitude 37.8 High School, California USA

John Bosselman is the co-founder and Director of Instruction at Latitude 37.8 High School in Oakland, CA. Latitude is a public, diverse-by-design charter school that uses Oakland and the Bay Area as its extended classroom-- integrating the places, people and resources of the community into its studies. Through real-world projects, field experiences, and collaborations with adult professionals, Latitude seeks to demystify access to the Bay Area's cultural and economic assets and expand students' sense of possibilities for their future. John was also a long-time teacher-leader at High Tech High Chula Vista and was the Professional Development Lead of Learning through REAL Projects in the United Kingdom where he supported schools through their school design and school change work. 

A hands-on program

  • The Masterclass will explore how change can happen at a school and system level, informed by expert practitioners who have successfully re-invented traditional learning;
  • Hands-on Masterclass sessions, each of 75 minutes’ duration, and limited to 30 people per session, will allow for direct engagement with each Masterclass presenter;
  •  Participants will be equipped with practical strategies and models that can be used in their own schools to guide transformation.

Read more about the Masterclass program here:  The Future School Masterclass

A ‘must attend’ for school leaders and education policy makers!

  • Actively engage with exceptional school leaders from international exemplar schools and explore how to transform your school into a future school;
  • Take a ‘deep dive’ into the ‘how to’ of future-focused school transformation, sharing discussion in small groups with other school leaders and those interested in educational innovation;
  • Learn about practical tools and strategies to support school transformation.




Session detail

8.15-8.45 am

Registration and arrival tea/coffee

8.45-9.20 am

Plenary session

9.20-9.30 am

Move to parallel Masterclass locations


Masterclasses: Block 1 (3 parallel sessions)


•Kiran Sethi, The Riverside School, Ahmedabad India
•Rachel Skiffer, Khan Lab School, California
•John Bosselman, Latitude 37.8 High School, Oakland, California

10.45-11.15 am

Morning tea

11.15-12.30 pm

Masterclasses: Block 2 (3 parallel sessions)

12.30-1.15 pm


1.15-2.30 pm

Masterclasses: Block 3 – 3 parallel sessions

2.30-3.30 pm

Closing panel discussion and reflections

Valerie Hannon; Masterclass Presenters; ALL facilitators

How do we take forward the learnings from today?


20/03/2020 - 8:45am to 3:30pm
Friday 20th March at 8:45am - Friday 20th March at 3:30pm

State Library Victoria

Conference Centre

328 Swanston Street

Melbourne VIC 3000