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Gonski submission: What drives educational success in Australia?

Our submission to the Gonski 2 Review highlights the importance of evidence-based research that is underpinned by diagnostic data. These two imperatives continue our work to promoting the principles of The New Success which will equip all children for a changing world. Central to our submission is the need to prepare our students in terms of skills knowledge and character, rather than focus on scores and a narrow curriculum.

In our submission to the Gonski 2.0 Review to achieve educational excellence in Australian schools, ALL focusses on the need to build deep learning around each child’s interests and passions, problem solving, social skills, critical thinking, creativity and character, using diagnostic tools to ensure growth at every level; and introducing broader measures of success.

The submission argues that currently Australia’s narrow measures of student worth and achievement are undermining the purpose of schooling. Learnings need to move to measuring students against skills, knowledge and character, rather than merely scores.

Skills, such as problem solving and critical thinking, are already within the Australian curriculum but are not being implemented at scale or in sufficient depth.

From our perspective, the most important data to understand learners is diagnostic data that helps teachers identify a student’s point of need and, if used well and alongside other data, enables teachers to deliver personalised learning in the classroom that lead to improved learning, and engagement for all.

ALL has researched six schools that have invested in diagnostic data to help inform teaching, learning and wellbeing practice. All schools demonstrate that by investing in cost-effective, evidence-base practice, academic and social benefits follow.

Our submission can be found PDF icon here.