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Looking back to look forward

When the Australian Learning Lecture was established six years ago, its aim was to bring big ideas in education to national attention through a biennial lecture. Each lecture in the series is a catalyst for a two-year program of events, bringing new thinking to public attention.

To date, ALL has produced several resources designed to galvanise debate and to strengthen the importance of learning in Australia. These include: 


Joy and Data: creating success for every student, a publication which includes Sir Michael Barber’s lecture and case studies showing how
six schools are using data to build success for every student.

The ALL Case Studies for 21st Century Learning are a series of six videos which focus on the skills our students need to thrive in the 21st Century.


The Passion Toolkit encompasses the Passion Profile and the tools teachers need to build passion in learning. This simple tool helps teachers know their students and guides them to a deeper understanding of what motivates and inspires each student. It changes the paradigm from one of success and failure to one where growth and motivation are celebrated.


The publication of Beyond ATAR, a proposal for change outlines a revolutionary plan to rethink Australia’s secondary education and to improve the transition from school to work and study. The publication was the result of an extended collaboration with leading educators, academics and policy experts following ALL’s second lecture where global education leader Charles Fadel challenged Australian educators to improve the transition from school to work and study.