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Meet ALL’s education advisor - Kathe Kirby

Kathe Kirby is part of the ALL Strategic Team, as its strategic education advisor, with a focus on the development of a national reference panel for the ALL Passion- led Learning Index and Toolkit.

With 30 years of experience in the Australian education sector, Kathe says that ALL has a critical role to play in the broader debate on education.

“Its lectures on Joy and Data and, more recently, what skills and qualities our children need to succeed in the 21st Century, are challenging traditional ideas and putting much-needed new ideas on the agenda,” Kathe Kirby said.

“ALL’s role is to catalyse, push and drive new messages, as well as enable education leaders in Australia to get access to new ideas. It has no vested interest other than wanting to see the system change to provide a better education for everyone,” she added.

​Kathe Kirby was Executive Director of the Asia Education Foundation (AEF) and Asialink at The University of Melbourne from 1993 to 2015, and currently maintains a position as Director of AEF. Kathe has worked with Ministries of Education in China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and many other countries of Asia.

Before AEF, Kathe worked as a senior policy advisor to the Victorian Department of Education, as a teacher educator at The University of Melbourne and as a teacher in Australian schools.  She is currently Principal Consultant at Centre for Strategic Education, Executive Director of the Global Education Leaders Partnership (GELP), Consultant to the Australian Learning Lecture, a Board Director of the Foundation for Young Australians and Education Services Australia.