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Needed! Six innovative Victorian secondary schools to trial Passion-Led Learning Index

The Australian Learning Lecture is seeking six innovative Victorian secondary schools to lead the in-school trial of the ALL Passion-led Learning Index and Toolkit.

The Passion-led Learning Index and Toolkit is central to ALL’s view that schools need to know each student’s interest and develop their deep learning from this.   

The teacher-led toolkit includes a school leader’s guide, the Passion Index, and teacher-designed tools to develop passionate learning experiences for all students.

“We are keen to hear from schools from the greater Melbourne area that are keen to trial it across a whole year level throughout 2018,” ALL’s founder Ellen Koshland said.

The selected schools will use, evaluate and work with ALL to refine the Passion-led Learning Toolkit. Schools will be required to attend an induction workshop in October 2017.

Throughout the pilot phase they will supported by the ALL Project Officer, Michelle Hamilton and ALL Project Manager, Eleanor Bridger, and receive advice from the Passion Index Reference Panel, made up of leading Australian education experts, with contributions for from ALL’s International Advisory Group. There will be regular meetings with the other schools to share progress, ideas and solutions.

“This trial is critical as we need to know what potential impact the Index and Toolkit has in helping teachers get to know their students better and to encourage curiosity and a passion for learning,” Ellen Koshland said.

 “It is a simple but powerful tool that any school can adopt to know their students and drive student engagement. The aim is to offer the Passion-Led Learning Index and Toolkit as an open-source learning tool that is easy for all schools to use,” she added.

The trial and impact evaluation is funded by the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

In 2016, ALL worked with Education Changemakers to lead 19 inspirational teachers through a series of in-school pilots and workshops to develop the first phase of the Passion Toolkit. 

Make an impact

If you believe in the power of knowing every student and their interests, driving student engagement and deep learning for every student, and you would like to be a trail-blazing school developing an innovative new tool, please send us an Expression of Interest by 27 September 2017.