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6 May 2020
2020 has been a roller coaster ride for all of us. Support for a learner profile and ways to improve education pathways for 15-19 year...
17 December 2019
Bringing big new ideas to the national education agenda.
Valerie Hannon
5 December 2019
Bookings are now open for the 2020 Australian Learning Lecture.
detail of student profile
2 October 2019
A revolutionary plan to rethink Australia’s secondary education and move beyond ATAR was unveiled by the Australian Learning Lecture (ALL)...
detail of student profile
2 October 2019
Australia’s leading educators, academics and policy experts have been working with the Australian Learning Lecture to revolutionise senior...
Audience at lecture
29 July 2019
We are delighted to invite you to Save the Date for our third learning lecture. The topic is Future Schools and it will be delivered by Dr...
29 March 2019
The growing debate about the need to reshape education in Australia
13 November 2018
Kingswood College, a school that has been enthusiastically participating in the in-school trial of the Australian Learning Lecture’s...
13 November 2018
We are delighted to share our progress on ways to assist all students to succeed within today’s world by a better transition from secondary...
13 November 2018
A popular maths program has raised a $2.1m investment to change the way the crucial subject is taught in Australian schools. Maths Pathway...
19 September 2018
Ellen Koshland, the founder of the Australian Learning Lecture, has received an Honorary Doctorate of Education by Swinburne University.
19 September 2018
We are delighted to share progress on our projects, striving for quality education for all young people.
Lecture 2017
13 June 2018
ALL is pleased to report that it is working with Mitchell Institute and others to bring about a more productive understanding of school...
Visible learning at work
1 May 2018
Like all of you, we have been awaiting the Gonski report and, after an initial reading, we are delighted to see the emphasis on continuous...
Ellen Koshland
26 March 2018
ALL’s founder Ellen Koshland has been formally recognised by the Victorian Government as a visionary change-maker who is passionate about...
student desk
5 February 2018
2018 promises to be a very exciting and productive year for ALL.
20 November 2017
Two highlights for ALL are the start of our long-awaited Passion-Led Learning Index and our submission to the Gonski 2 review.
14 September 2017
We are calling for six innovative Victorian secondary schools to trial our Passion-Led Learning Index and Toolkit
Charles Fadel speaking
14 June 2017
Charles Fadel gave us big ideas to think about, and much to act upon if we want to serve the interests of our children going into the...
7 May 2017
Parents have a vital role to play in making sure their children have the schooling they need to succeed in work and life, according to...
Wishing tree
22 March 2017
We are delighted to bring you our first newsletter of 2017. It showcases some of the work the Australian Learning Lecture team has underway...
students at work
7 December 2016
Welcome to our Summer 2016 newsletter. This edition features many important stories about our work at the Australian Learning Lecture.
gratitude wall used in positive education
24 February 2016
Find out how one school in South Australia equips students so that they flourish when they leave school.
Teenagers in a classroom
10 December 2015
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull launched the National Innovation and Science Agenda, saying “…we are going to focus on talent and skills,...