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11 December 2019
The Education Council commissioned a review of senior secondary pathways to examine how students can be supported to choose the best pathway into work, further education or training.
11 December 2019
The NSW school curriculum is under review. This is the first comprehensive review of the whole curriculum since 1989, and aims to ensure our education system is preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.
Student raising hand to ask a question
29 July 2019
The most recent, the Melbourne Declaration agreed by Education Council Ministers in 2008, articulated nationally consistent education goals for young Australians. A decade on, and the Education Council Ministers is reviewing the declaration. The Australian Learning Lecture was one of over 130 organisations who made a submission to the review.
Learning in a community
18 June 2019
The Australian Learning Lecture made a submission to the 2019 review of the Melbourne Declaration. The declaration guides the design and delivery of education and sets the foundation for the development of school curricula and assessment
Building vocabulary
17 November 2017
The most important data to understand learners is diagnostic data because it helps teachers identify a student’s point of need and, if used well and alongside other data, enables teachers to deliver personalised learning in the classroom and facilitate improved learning outcomes, and engagement for all.
5 December 2016
The Productivity Commission recently released a draft Issues Paper into education evidence base, arguing that the path to better education outcomes lies in strengthening the capability to identify