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Passionate about learning

ALL has received a major philanthropic grant to help take its Passion Led Learning Index and Toolkit initiative to the next stage.

Ellen Koshland, from ALL, said the Passion Index and Toolkit should help teachers get to know their students at a deeper level to understand what motivates and inspires each.

“We know from our research that passion can drive and develop deep learning. What we hope to achieve through the Passion Index and Toolkit is to change the paradigm from one of success and failure to one where growth and motivation are celebrated,” she said.

ALL has been working with Education Changemakers to develop a school leader’s guide, Passion Index, and other teacher-designed tools that any school can adopt.

Last year the program worked with 19 inspirational teachers through a series of in-school pilots and workshops to develop the first phase of the Passion Toolkit.  

This philanthropic grant is funding the ALL Passion Index and Toolkit to be trialled in six schools during 2017.

ALL will gather evidence about the toolkit’s impact and effect on student engagement performance, the quality of the information that the Index provides teachers in deepening their knowledge for teachers, and to identify improvements that need to be made.