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Lecture 2017
Blog Post
ALL’s vision from its inception was to introduce new ideas into the learning landscape in a bid to change thinking. Most recently we have...
Blog Post
Peter Dawkins and Yong Zhao argue that maximising ATAR is the primary focus for far too many students, rather than following passions and...
Michael Barber
Blog Post
In the school of the future, data is ubiquitous and measures progress not just on academic performance but also on the wider skills and...
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Taranganba teachers feel that data is not a judgement of their teaching ability but a starting point for each step in the journey. The...
Blog Post
We are excited to have recently published Joy and Data: creating success for every student, a compilation of Sir Michael’s lecture and six...
Lucy Clark, Beautiful Failures
Beautiful Failures, an Australian Learning Lecture Event, supported by The Guardian stimulated debate about what education should be if we...
hand over keyboard
Blog Post
A national action plan agreed by Commonwealth, state and territory governments is urgently required if Australia is to arrest declining...
 access to information
Blog Post
The Head of the Dept of Education for Kwazulu-Natal talks about how access to information can transform learning.
Dianne Jackson
Blog Post
ARACY CEO Dr Dianne Jackson on how data informs a learning culture, and why learning is essential to alleviating poverty.
 Sir Michael Barber
Blog Post
Sir Michael Barber shows how data and joy intersect in his own bicycle training regime.
Country learners
Blog Post
Rural youth ambassadors talk about the issues in learning and education that matter to them most.
Patrick Griffin
Blog Post
Prof. Patrick Griffin discusses the skills today's school students need to learn to equip them for the information- and knowledge-...
 Children learning
Blog Post
Students at an Australian kindergarten program talk about their learning journey.
Young learner
Blog Post
A new survey has found overwhelming support for the value of learning.
data image
Blog Post
The inaugural ALL theme is ‘Joy and Data’: two ideas not often expressed together, but both central to learning.


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