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Joy and Data: Creating success for every student

Education in Australia has increasingly become a highly-pressurised pursuit of success. More than ever, students are told to excel academically if they are going to succeed in life. Are we at risk of losing all joy of learning?

The ten-year Australian Learning Lecture (ALL) series began with the theme of Joy and Data delivered by Sir Michael Barber, the distinguished British thought leader. The inaugural lecture looked at the rarely explored intersection between the joy of learning and the way in which we use data to measure, value and enable success.

Over the past two years, the Australian Learning Lecture has identified many examples of how in Australia, schools are using many exciting new diagnostic tools and methods of measuring success.

This publication of Sir Michael’s speech, together with six exemplars, highlights just some of the diverse ways of thinking about and using data to ensure each student is successful, confident and ready for the future.