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Progressing our agenda

Welcome to the Spring issue of ALL’s newsletter. As you will read, the team at ALL has not be resting on its laurels since Charles Fadel’s lecture on ‘The New Success’ in May.

We are progressing our agenda to strengthen the importance of learning in Australia for all Australians.

You will see that we are calling for six innovative Victorian secondary schools to trial our Passion-Led Learning Index and Toolkit. We encourage you to read more about what this initiative aims to do, and how it can benefit not only students and teachers, but also schools. This initiative goes to the heart of what ALL is about: bringing new ideas in education to national attention and our belief that our approach to learning must change if we are to develop broader capabilities, encourage deep learning and achieve a lively learning culture.

We are also scoping what our role could be in taking up the challenge of changing university entry requirements, such as ATAR which, according to Charles Fadel and Jennifer Westacott are a barrier to enabling students to develop the skills and capabilities they need to succeed in the 21st Century. These are early days and we look forward to sharing more detail with you.

We are delighted to welcome Michelle Hamilton, who will coordinate the Passion-Led Learning Index initiative.  We also profile Kathe Kirby, who is our strategic advisor on education.

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The ALL team.