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Putting The New Success into practice

The Elisabeth Murdoch College on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula has been on a course of change over the past year thanks to the inspiring work of Charles Fadel.

Laura Spence, Acting Assistant Principal, shared with the Australian Learning Lecture the impact that 21st Century Skills have already had on the large, successful secondary college including recently achieving its 2018 Curriculum Review. The school traditionally catered for what was originally a farming community, but having seen exponential growth in admissions and improving student results, have now put curriculum changes in place which will align 21st Century student needs with educational provision.

“Our curriculum structure, provision and practice, had not changed in the 25+ years since we opened, although our community and cohorts have changed rapidly. The process of review, writing a new model, and changing hearts and minds, has been an eight- year process of blood, sweat, and tears.

“We are now on the precipice of a structure which includes Digital Technology instruction for every student, digital technology integration into almost every subject we teach, a clear focus on the future of jobs, students developing their skills in breadth of curriculum around Sciences, Technologies, Humanities, Health, Physical Education, and full access to two foreign languages and culture studies, along with redesigned Maths and English studies.”

“Our key message now with teachers is to develop depth in their curriculums to the exclusion of content which is not deemed meaningful in a future of jobs context.”

Over the last year, Elisabeth Murdoch College has redeveloped its robotics work, and in traditional technologies such as woodwork, students now use CNC machines to design and code their work first. The College’s famed on-site farm has students creating and using digital technologies for all aspects of farming, from measuring and predicting soil moisture, and other skills. Other subjects such as Maths are beginning to teach coding and creating amazing student outcomes.