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Global Education Leaders' Partnership

Education system leaders from 12 countries came together at the Global Education Leaders’ Partnership (GELP) to discuss how they can work together to transform education systems, so that every learner can develop the skills and knowledge they need to survive and thrive in the 21st century.
Ellen Koshland (Founder, Australian Learning Lecture) and Dave Faulkner (CEO, Education Changemakers) presented “The Passion Index: a new learning metric” to the Partnership for feedback.
The next step is to trial the concept in classrooms and schools from diverse backgrounds across Australia. In partnership with Education Changemakers, ALL will work with teachers and school leaders to develop a Passion Index tool and materials in 2016.
“It is a great privilege to be part of GELP, an international gathering where it is a common understanding that - to do better in education, we must do things differently,” said Ellen Koshland.
From the presentation:
“If passion, a love of learning and curiosity are essentials in the new world of work, how do we ensure that passion stays on the table when we’re talking about learning in schools? How do we connect what young people are passionate about in the rest of their learning and lives outside school?”
“The Passion Index is a simple idea conceived to address the continuing problem of student disengagement and underachievement. It lists the interest and passion of each student in a school, ensuring that the teacher and the parents know that individual. From there a passion-led learning program can be built.
“The Passion Index helps teachers know their students, and guides them to a deeper understanding of what motivates and inspires each student. It seeks to link two ideas: the joy of learning and data.”