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Learning in a community
Blog Post
How does a school create a community of learners? How does a school engage parents so that they can support each child’s learning?
Blog Post
When staff at Hilltop Road Public School in Western Sydney looked at student learning they found that their students could tell them what...
Moving our schools toward spending more time on what our students need for their success is our century’s great challenge.
Classroom scene
Parents have a vital role to play in making sure their children have the schooling they need to succeed in work and life, according to...
Lucy Clark, Beautiful Failures
Beautiful Failures, an Australian Learning Lecture Event, supported by The Guardian stimulated debate about what education should be if we...
hand using touch screen
Eric Sidoti, CEO of The Whitlam Institute, raises questions about the real educational value derived from tests.
Lucy Clark
ALL recently hosted a forum Beautiful Failures at the State Library Victoria with Lucy Clark, Peter Hutton (Principal, Templestowe College...
hand over keyboard
Blog Post
A national action plan agreed by Commonwealth, state and territory governments is urgently required if Australia is to arrest declining...
gratitude wall
Case Study
How one school is using diagnostic tools to measure and improve students’ wellbeing.
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