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Welcome to our six passionate secondary schools

The first Victorian secondary schools to take part in the in-school trial of the ALL Passion-led Learning Index and Toolkit have been chosen. They are: Portland Secondary College, Eltham High School, Bentleigh Secondary College, Western Port Secondary College, Kingswood College, and Mount Alexander College.

Competition to be part of the trial was fierce with many schools showing real commitment to engage more deeply with their students to make an impact on learning. Each expression of interest showed a keenness to take risks, trial new ideas and evaluate performance.

Michelle Hamilton, ALL Project Officer, said each participating school, while having different reasons for taking part, recognised the role of passion in developing teachers’ knowledge of students as individuals.

“Each school recognised the power of passion, and the power of the ALL Passion Index in providing teachers with concrete measures not only to understand student interests but also embed this in the curriculum.”

The trial begins in 2018.